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New diet program develops a new habit of eating less

The process of reducing or increasing weight - this is definitely an art! Art, which is built on rigorous scientific concepts, the laws of anatomy, physiology and human psychology, the centuries-old experience of national habits and individual characteristics. And yet - is Art! We are all very different, gaining weight and grow thin in many ways, but the causes of obesity are mostly similar!

If you are not satisfied in popular diets and exercises, why not try quite different ways of weight loss? It is amazing what scientists have learned not only during their research on issues related to the problems of excess weight. At this article you will be able to get to know the newest and the most unusual ideas of nutritionists from around the world. Maybe it will help you to find your ideal way of weight loss.

For example, in order to loss your weight, nutritionists suggest to drink cold water, and best of all iced water, because the body requires one calorie to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree. Raise it, as you know, we need to 36, 6. Plus, it is true, from this innovation, as well as negative in calories, is questionable, because to lose weight without restricting your diet, you need to drink at least three buckets of cold water per day. But probably you will face sore throat after such easy procedures!

French physician advises to lose weight over the cycles of the moon (in fact long been known that the moon affects the body), the full moon should drink plenty of fluids, and the new moon to eat only vegetables. This way to lose weight is called a lunar diet and become more and more popular among women allover the world in recent years.

But, not so long ago, the whole America fell in love with a new diet - Sensa (smelling). In this program, there are no restrictions on consumed food, but you will have to cut the amount of eaten.  According to sensa weight loss system all you need is just to flavor your meal with pellets «Sensa Tastants» instead of salt, sugar and pepper, other words, it is a kind of seasoning for each of the meals.

The author of this special diet was the neurologist, an American, Alan Hirsch, who has decided to construct a system of weight reduction on the features of saturation - a signal that the body "is full" comes from the brain with a delay and with the help of granules you just can accelerate this process. The essence of the pellets - in the amplification characteristics of flavored dishes - as a result, signals to the brain become more intense and you can faster suppress the feeling of hunger.!/sensaweightloss
Due to reduction of food intake is produced "weight loss" effect - of new diet program, which develops a new habit of eating less.