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Boxing Equipment

Benefits of a Boxing Workout

   Boxing is a full-body conditioning workout. It's not only a very effective high intensity cardiovascular workout (burning hundreds of calories), but through the violent compression and rhythmic contractions, it's also an amazing muscle toner. Boxing involves muscles of the back, chest, shoulders, arms, abs and legs.

How can you incorporate more lower body muscles in the workout?

   To focus a little more on the lower body and take the intensity to a higher level, you can incorporate kicks into your workout. By turning the workout into a kick-boxing workout, you can greatly increase the demand on the legs. If kicking is too advanced for you, you can incorporate some boxing footwork to pick up the intensity and muscular recruitment in the lower body, or try a boxer's favorite cardio exercise - skipping rope before or after you box.

    There is all sorts of boxing equipment today. Because boxing is obviously a very contact oriented sport, there is all types of boxing equipment to protect the body from injury. Boxing gloves is the most immediate thought when considering boxing equipment. But there is much more than just boxing gloves. There is the apparel, mouth guards, headgear, punching bags, shoes and much more. If you are going to be in the sport of boxing, be sure to get the right boxing equipment because you need to be safe. That way you can box more than once.



  AbJab--Boxing Workout Machine
Get the power abs you've always wanted with the Ab Jab™ (patent pending)! By working the speed bag from the crunch position, you burn calories, reduce stress and sculpt the perfect midsection all at the same time. You'll feel your abs and obliques burn with every punch. Comes with a free pair of weighted gloves!



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