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Fitness and Exercise Mats

Exercise Mats give you a comfortable place to work out.

   Many people who workout at home forget to get one of the best yet least expensive pieces of equipment--the exercise mat. The carpet is okay for doing some exercises, but to get a more comfortable workout you need a good exercise mat. As a rule, anytime you are doing exercises that make contact with the floor, you should use an exercise mat.

   The exercise mat should be firm enough to provide a stable platform for the body. You should consider a mat at least 3/8" thick.

    If you are doing yoga, then you should consider a non-slip surface on your exercise mat. This will provide a safe and comfortable area in which to practice any pose. You will need a yoga mat that is rugged yet gives plenty of cushion. You may also consider an exercise mat that is lightweight and washable and that can roll easily for travel.

   Some exercise mats have a 1/2 inch co-polymer foam core and feature a full 1/2" of closed cell EVA foam. This closed cell construction provides for maximum shock absorption and protection from impact. This help prevent the exercise mat from bottoming out--or completely compressing the foam so there is no more give available.




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