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Fitness Planners and Training Guides

There are all sorts of fitness planners, training guides and health tools available today.

    Working out is great and there is no real substitute for getting good exercise. Getting a good workout really helps the body and mind. Getting exercise is good, but keeping track of the exercise you are getting and knowing where you are in your workout and fitness goals is even better.

    Today there a lot of different kinds of fitness planners, training guides, calorie counters, nutritional guides and more.

    There are compact nutritional computers that can act as a mobile nutritionist that fits in your pocket helping you to better understand your eating decisions! These handheld nutritional calculators can tabulate the dietetic/diabetic exchanges nutritional values. Some are programmed with more than 10,000 foods including more than 5,000 fast food and restaurant foods!

 There are many types of fitness journals and guides to help you plan and keep track of your physical fitness and health regimen.


    Some planners offer guidelines and instruction for a complete fitness program including cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training. These are great if you want to keep everything recorded and on track. There are also log books with coded sections that allow you to track both aerobic workouts and weight training sessions.

    Some of the guides even offer a way to gain freedom over alcohol and tobacco through a regimented course of fitness action.

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