A Guide to selecting fitness and exercise equipment
                                 An informational guide to selecting high-quality fitness and exercise equipment.


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Weights and Accessories

   The right amount exercise weights and the variety of free weights is essential to a complete home gym. There is a wide variety of exercise weights including: weight plates, dumbbells, weight lifting bars, barbells, and weight storage racks.



  Here are some resources for using weights effectively while helping to prevent injury.

Women's Weightlifting Links 'n' Lessons - a guide to lifting weights and bodybuilding for women, including such sections as "lies in the gym, or, what your momma told you was probably wrong", "getting started: what you need and what you don't", "weights and your weight", "other health reasons to lift weights", "old broads: the golden years of pumping iron", "training basics", "the basics of a routine", "don't fear the free weights", "eating basics", "feminine problems: some form modifications you might find useful", "working out and reproductive health ", "staying motivated", "screwing up", "crac! boum! aiee! dealing with injury" and more

ExRx (Exercise Prescription) on the Net - a large collection of movie clip-enhanced guides and tutorials on weight training, kinesiology and related topics, covering such topics as anatomy-specific exercises, the body mass index (BMI), bodybuilding, calories expended, diet and nutrition, estimated calorie requirements, exercise adherence techniques, exercise and sports psychology, fat loss myths, fitness testing, home exercise equipment, how to develop a workout, light/heavy training, low volume training, one repetition max, periodization training, power training exercises, progressive eating goals, pump & burn, starting on the right foot, target heart rate, toning with weights, weight loss, weight management and much more

Mayo Clinic: Weight Training - an instructional article with supporting video clips on weight training principles and proper weight training technique for severl key exercises, including the biceps curl, triceps extension, bench press, lat pull-down, knee extension, leg press and abdominal crunch

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