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Home Gyms

Home Gyms are Great for People on the Go

    Home gyms provide a way for people who like to work out in private or just can't manage the time to go to a fitness center to work out. Home Gyms offer a wide range of exercises and weight training so you can achieve a full body work out in the privacy of your own home. If you have the space and don't seem to have the time, then a home gym is perfect solution to getting the exercise you need to be fit and trim.

Choosing the Best Home Gym for You

    If you are planning on buying a home gym for you or your entire family to use to help stay fit and trim, there are few considerations to keep in mind before making your home gym purchase.

Do you have enough room to put the home gym?
This may seem like an obvious thing to think about, but home gyms do occupy quite a bit of space depending on the home gym you purchase. You need more than just the space for the footprint of the home gym. You need to think about all the space you will need around the home gym for doing your exercises and movements associated with it.

What is your home gym budget?
Money is always a factor. There are many different kinds of home gyms available and they are at all different price points. Unfortunately, a lot of home gyms are purchased and then never used as often as intended. Resale on home gyms is not real hot. In fact, you may look at your local paper classifieds and see what they are going for. Once you decide on the home gym you want, you may be able to find it barely used for cheap.


Free weights vs. a home gym
Free weights are easy to buy, easy to use, easy to purchase. You may consider working out the pros and cons of getting free weights versus a full home gym. You can get a good idea of the free weight advantages and disadvantages by working out at a gym. You will get a good idea there of what they can offer and their limitations over a home gym.


Free weight home gyms vs. band resistance home gym
Do some research on the main types of home gyms--free weight vs band resistance. Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of a band resistance home gym. You can draw conclusions about free weight home gyms from this information.

Advantages of Band Resistance Home Gyms
easily adjustable
less likely to be injured
requires no spotter
good for overall fitness--not really for body building
generally does not require as much space

Disadvantages of Band Resistance Home Gyms
rod based home gym like Bowflex has variable resistance--inferior to non-variable like weight machines
may have a jerky feel--less fluid motion

Home gyms can really be a great machine to have at home if you can't schedule the time to go to the gym or would rather just be at home. The home gym can be super for the whole family and everyone can get a chance to work out and improve their fitness and health. It is important to do some homework before purchasing a home gym. Make a commitment to use it and have fun. Every home should have a home gym.




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