A Guide to selecting fitness and exercise equipment
                                 An informational guide to selecting high-quality fitness and exercise equipment.


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Stair Steppers

   Stair climbers or steppers are excellent machines for burning up calories and exercising the major muscle groups of the lower body.

   The basics to any steppers are sturdy, padded handrails to aid balance, electronic programs to keep you interested, and easy-to-set resistance settings. A sturdy steel or aluminum frame is a must. The best stair climbers keep your feet on an even plane with the floor at all times, allowing natural foot articulation. While there is a fundamental simplicity in the stair climbing exercise itself, add-on accessories for the upper body can provide a total body workout. Plus, stepping or climbing can be a rigorous exercise in the sheer effort it takes. An all-out workout on a stair climber can consume as much energy as you are capable of producing.


Stair Stepping Tips

  • Begin with a five-minute warm-up using the stair-stepper at a low intensity. This way you'll be warming up the same muscles you'll be working
  • Pick up the intensity once you're warmed up.
  • Understand that proper form is crucial - don't lean your arms on the machine.  Keep your upper body upright and centered over the legs.
  • Keep the back straight.
  • Avoid staying up on your toes. Keep the heel pressed down on the step - this keeps the work in the buttocks area and not just in the calf muscles
  • Don't push the step all the way down or allow it to come all the way up. Keep the distance between your steps short.
  • Use a variety of program settings. For example, try an interval workout, then a hill workout, and mix in high- or low-intensity sessions.
  • Vary the resistance - make it fast and easy at times and harder and slower during other workouts.
  • Begin with 10-15 minutes of exercise. You can go all the way up to an hour, depending on your fitness and the health club's maximum time limit.
  • Stretch the glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles at cool-down.


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