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                                 An informational guide to selecting high-quality fitness and exercise equipment.


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Trampoline Exercise

   Over the years much controversy has be raised about what is the best form of exercise to get fit and stay healthy. Our bodies are made "to wear out, not rust out." Most of the human body is composed of muscle tissue--including the heart. Our lungs contract and expand when we breathe because of chest muscles. We are held together by muscles, tissues and skin. Muscles are intended to be moved. Their strength is dependent upon regular movement. But how much and what kind of exercise has been debated for years.

    Trampoline exercise has many benefits in addition to gaining and maintaining muscle tone. It stimulates blood flow, improves respiration, and promotes the elimination of toxins that are trapped in tissues and organs.

   Trampolines are a great form of overall exercise and when used prudently, can be a very safe way to get a cardiovascular workout.


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