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                                 An informational guide to selecting high-quality fitness and exercise equipment.


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Upper Body Equipment

Biceps Equipment

   Having nicely developed bicep muscles is one of the hallmarks of a well-toned body. In weight lifting competition, athletes pose showing their bicep muscles in all of their glory. It takes years of hard training to develop muscles like those, but you can start getting great looking biceps in a short time using the correct equipment and exercises.


Triceps Equipment

   Nicknamed guns, pythons and cannons by bodybuilders, the triceps, located on the back of the upper arm, consist of three different muscles that connect beneath the deltoid and below the elbow ó brachialis, triceps brachii and pronator teres. Although the triceps form two-thirds of the upper arm, they are largely ignored in favor of the biceps.

The primary role of the triceps muscles is extension of the elbow, or taking a bent arm and straightening it out. Itís a fairly easy muscle group to develop because those muscles are used frequently throughout the day.

    Don't ignore those triceps. When well-developed, they help your upper-body appear larger and stronger.

Chest Equipment

Having a broad and well-developed chest can make you appear fit and well-maintained. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when exercising your chest.

Always keep your midsection firm.

When using a bench to perform chest exercises always make sure your lower back is pushed into the bench.

Never hold your breathe when performing chest exercises. At the hardest point of the exercise breathe out.
For example on a Bench Press: Breath out as you push the bar upwards away from your body.

Train all body parts not just your chest. Men tend to spend hours training their chest and often forget about training the rest of their bodies. What's the use of having a strong chest if the rest of your body looks out of shape?

Shaping your chest is also another important point that shouldn't be forgotten. There are exercises that accentuate your cleavage, others that work the whole pec muscle in general. Inclines and declines also make a huge difference to your training. Train all areas of your chest rather than just the one chest exercise.


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