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                                 An informational guide to selecting high-quality fitness and exercise equipment.


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Weight Benches

 The Weight Bench is a great addition to home exercise equipment and ideal for use with free weights and dumbbells. If you are looking for a weight bench you should consider one that has good stability and will support both you and your weights. Weight benches with leg weight additions are well worth while, adding an extra dimension to your exercise machine (the weight bench in the picture below is a good example). The weight benches do not take up a lot of room, some are even collapsible for easy storage.


   Certain exercises cannot be done very well without the proper weight bench. Some benches are designed for doing chest presses, others for doing leg presses, and any number of specific exercises. Many weight benches today can be adjusted to do several different weight lifting exercises.

   Some things most weight benches have in common is that they are padded and comfortable and built extremely strong. Many weight benches come with a good warrantee and the better companies represented below, stand behind their products. Before buying a weight bench be sure to review the specifications and features available to be sure you order what's right for you.

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